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Standing at stud for 2022 Abbeywoods Veyron. Aka Ralph is an exceptional PBA 140cm 2017 coloured stallion by Murraybrook Moriarty v Abbeywoods Aphrodite, with famous lines including Weltmeyer and Weltruhm.

Competition results so far !

May 2018 Heathfield show

CHAPS youngstock – 1st place

CHAPS Open Non-Native – 1st place

Overall CHAPS Champion

June 2018 Walmer Show

Open Youngstock – 2nd place

Open Coloured – 2nd place

June 2018 Hickstead

Chaps non native open – 3rd place

Chaps open youngstock – 3rd place

August 2018 CHAPS Championship

Breeding youngstock evaluations – 1st premium

Non native yearling – 1st place

Sport horse/pony youngstock – 5th place

Open non native pony – 4th place

Evaluations championship – reserve champion

Non native pony final – 1st place

Non native yearling – 2nd place

Breeders challenge yearling – 2nd place

Inhand non native of the year – 2nd -and reserve champion

Part bred open age plaited – 1st place

Inhand non native pony championship – Champion

Non native yearling final – 2nd place

Sport horse/pony yearling final – 2nd place

May 2019 Heathfield show

CHAPS open youngstock 4th place

CHAPS non native open – 2nd place

Overall championship – Reserve Champion

June 2019 Hickstead Derby

CHAPS Non native open - 2nd place

CHAPS Open youngstock – 1st place

July 2019 Kent County

PBA Youngstock - 5th place

August 2019 CHAPS Championship Show

Breeding youngstock evaluations – 1st premium

Non native pony final – 2nd place

Pony youngstock - 1st place

Breeders challenge – 2nd place

Part bred plaited - 2nd place

Non native 2 year old youngstock final – 3rd place

Sports horse/pony 2/3 year old final – 5th place

August 2021 Belmordean BD (dressage)

Prelim 17a – 59.66% 2nd place

Prelim 15 – 64.20% 2nd place 3 BD points awarded

August 2021 CHAPS Championship show

CHAPS Grading – Passed – bronze

Prelim 1 – 70% 2nd place

Small ridden non native pony - 4th place

Ridden non native pony – 5th place

Ridden competition sports pony – 1st place

Amateur ridden gold years – 4th place

September 2021 Felbridge BD (Dressage)

Prelim 15. - 65.40% 2nd place

Prelim 17a - 65.68% 3rd place

Now jumping 70cm/80cm at unaffiliated level and building up slowly.

IMG_3083 2.HEIC


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